Post 0, Part 2 - Now With Hugo!

Mar 2, 2016  


It’s been awhile. So much has changed. Previous little projects have broken. I’ve seen the errors of the naive Nathan that wrote previous blog posts.

I always have a noble goal of writing more blog posts, but it never happens. Here’s an attempt to fix that I guess. I do have a couple of blog posts about some interesting work I’ve done in the last year or so that I’m going to try and get out. Stay tuned.

I switched static site generators to Hugo from Wintersmith. Hugo is written in Go rather than being built on top of Node in JavaScript like Wintersmith.

I think I have these lofty dreams of using a super customizable generator and writing a ton of stuff on my own, but ultimately just lose motivation / get frustrated when I do try to do that. Hugo is unbelievably easy to get started right out of the box. I probably started switching it over about an hour ago and have really enjoyed the out-of-box stuff it provides, like live-reloading. Other site generators I researched could probably be more powerful with tweaking, but Hugo looked like the easiest to get off the ground fastest. The customization process looks pretty painless too. We’ll see.